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If you are planning a CAVE DIVE but you are....
  • Neither formally trained nor certified in Cavern or Cave Diving?
  • Trained in Cave Diving, but planing a dive beyond your level of training?
  • Making one of your initial dives into a spring, cave, or blue hole?
  • Not using at least two dependable underwater lights, a guideline on a reel, a submersible pressure gauge, and an additional second stage?

this course is what you need to help you avoid those mistakes that have frequently contributed to the cave diving deaths of others.  Regardless of their prior openwater experience, most cave diving accident fatalities were untrained in cave-diving procedures, inadequately equipped for the planned dive, and/or making one of their initial cave dives. Many were extremely experienced in other types of diving, but without any instruction in the specialized area of cave diving.

This course will begin your education on how to dive in an overhead environment. You will learn not only how to enter and egress these unique environments safely, but how to respect the fragile enviroment you will find yourself in. Caves have unique scientific, recreational and aesthetic values that should be preserved for future generations to study and enjoy.

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